Saturday, May 14, 2011

Road Trips

The beginning of may brought Road Trips two weekends in a row!  We attended a wedding in Bend and also Cohen's 2nd birthday!  Cohen's birthday came first (I loaded pictures out of order)  We made a day trip with my Gram and the girls... we attended the party, hung out with family for a short while, stopped in the Dalles to eat at Cousins and if you've never been, when you open the front door, it moos, oinks, whiney's, or makes some other kind of farm animal noise, Gram LOVES it, the girls love it too... okay and secretly it makes me giggle, and yes I catch myself opening the door more than once :)  The following weekend we went to Bend for the weekend and stayed at Eagle Crest...the girls as you can see loved to swim, and it was warm enough, for them, not me, to swim outside!


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