Saturday, April 9, 2011

Indoor Soccer 2011

Aspyn has started Spring Indoor Soccer.  And how cute it is to see a gym full of 3 year olds play!  She really is good, she has watched Kendyl play soccer for the past few years, and can dribble the ball pretty well.  She was very excited to have her own uniform, and to wear shin guards. 

Hermiston Hurricanes 2011

Spring sports are upon us!  Kendyl started track this past week and had her first meet of the season on Thursday.  She really enjoys track.  She likes to run the 100 and 400m dash, the 400m relay, and the various field events.  We tried the shot put, I don't think she realized how heavy the ball is, we'll be trying other field events as the season progresses!

Marks Birthday

March also brought Mark's 33rd Birthday!  Shelley, Dave and Neil made the trip down from Washington to help him celebrate.  While the boys enjoyed a day of golf, us ladies enjoyed a morning of yard sales and lunch.  I am quickly learning that the girls are only good for a few yard sales, then they get hungry, tired, bored and whiney!!!  All in all it was a great day.  Our favorite babysitter came to stay with the kids while the adults went out to Plymouth Tavern for a prime rib dinner.  Mark and I love to go there, it's small the food is good and they make the best red beer mix!!  Sorry to report, no PICTURES!!   The girls decided on his 'actual' birthday they wanted to take their daddy out to dinner at Denny's, so we did and it was good.... we came home and had some mini cupcake treats from Starbucks to finish out the night!

Spring Break

It's been a busy past few months, looks like the last time I posted anything was in February, where did March go?  I know it was here it just flew by too quickly.  Spring break was fun, we started the week out by taking a road trip to Montana to see MeMe & Papa.  My sister, Nichole, and I took our 4-kids alone in the Suburban.... packed full to the brim with luggage, toys, snacks, 3 DVD players, 2 IPods, a Leapster and a DS, not to mention books, coloring books, match box cars and anything and everything it takes to keep a 7 year old, a 3 year old, a 22 month old, and an 8month old busy for the 7+ hour road trip.  Happy to report they all did wonderful, we made it there and back safe and sound.  We were able to go swimming and hang out with MeMe & Papa for a few days!

 Teaching Cohen about the wishing fountain!
 Sweet Baby Claire!
 Cohen & Aspyn, bathtime fun!