Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Skate Night

Last night was 'Skate Night' for Kendyl's school.  They have one each month, but it seems we have been busy most months.  I am really glad we decided to go, the girls had a blast.  It's always fun watching Kendyl interact with her school mates.  Aspyn got to 'tag' along, I am soaking up these days when it is still 'cool' to have your little sister come along.  All of Kendyl's friends adore her and they are really respectful and watch out for her.  Kendyl has skated a few times before, she is still trying to find her rhythm.  It was Aspyns first time ever on skates, the wheels were pretty tight and didn't allow her to roll very fast, but she quickly caught on and followed the big kids around for 2 hours!  Tons of Fun... we will definitely do it again.

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