Thursday, February 3, 2011

On Our Way To School

I came across a blog post from a friend of mine, detailing the sweetness of her little boy one morning while dropping him off for school, it MELTED my heart. 

So, this week I decided I too was going to look for these little things called LOVE.  On a typical morning it can be very stressful at our house, 2 girls getting ready for school, one of which is NOT a morning person {Kendyl}, and the other {Aspyn} is 3, well...she's 3 that explains that.  It can be quite challenging.  We also take our neighbor Eliza with us on most mornings, she too is not a "morning" person.  I decide on this particular day that I am going to look for those little sweet nothings while dropping the girls off at daycare/school.

First stop Aspyn, I walk her into her pre-school class, she hides up the back of my shirt, with peanut butter still on her face from the morning waffle sandwich she ate in the car... I now have peanut butter smeared across the back of my pants, my shirt tail is stretched out, not a big deal... I smile say my goodbye's get a hug and a kiss and she's off.

Second stop Kendyl & Eliza, who are arguing about who is going to get out of the car first, we discuss that there are 4 doors on our car, and if they are smart enough each could use a back door and get out at the same time.... they think about it, we round the corner to the first crosswalk, they want out, I say it's too foggy and we're running a little late, they don't have time to walk across the street, down the road and make it to class on time, I'll drop them in the parking lot, it's faster.  As we approach the parking lot, they have their seat belts off, backpacks on and are sitting at their respective doors, but of course before they get out I say my goodbye's tell them to have a super-de-dooper day, remind Kendyl to ride the bus, be good, listen, learn something new and make a new friend.  {Everyday they get this speech}

Then it comes, Eliza toots, leaving me with her stink, she thinks this is the funniest thing in the WORLD!  I laugh, telling her to have a good day and that one of these days I will get her back... then Kendyl and her both say, "Have a Stinky Day, Stinky Doo"!

Really?  No blown kisses, no looking back, they are on there way to class, and I can only hope they know, all three of them, how much they are loved... even though I get stinky toots instead of blown kisses!

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  1. Even though there were no blown kisses or a head turn as she walked in to class, the stretched shirt and peanut smear just means Aspyn didn't want to say goodbye. She loves you THAT much that she didn't want to you to leave. And the sticky doo's.. well that just means they are comfortable enough to share a laugh and some stink with you. To me that sounds like love. Not everyone is comfortable enough to just fart and laugh about it with anyone. You have to be a special someone to get that kinda love. So even when your ARE looking for the love and blown kisses and don't see them, Love ends up finding you in other ways. You just got look outside the box for it. :)