Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years 2011

Well... it's 2011!  I keep telling myself I am going to document our life and the happenings of our day to day adventures... writing a blog was not something I thought of until everyone else seemed to be doing it, so why not!

Mark and I started the year off by leaving the kids with my aunt for a night.  A much needed night out for the both of us.  Neil happened to be turning 30 over the weekend, so it was a perfect excuse to have a date night!  We headed to Pullman/Moscow for dinner and drinks. 

We left Hermiston at 3:30 on Friday and were home by 1:30 the next day, not quite 24 hours, but it was just enough time to have some "adult" time.

The girls seemed to have a fun time with Aunt Tami and suggested they get to stay over again soon... we haven't cleared that with Tami and her family yet, but maybe, just maybe they might let us escape again!  Thank you Sparks Family!!

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