Monday, January 10, 2011

Forgetful Tooth Fairy

Once again Kendyl lost ANOTHER tooth... Once again the Tooth Fairy forgot... how does this happen one asks?

In November Kendyl lost the second of her "TWO FRONT TEETH"  the Tooth Fairy was so busy getting ready to travel to Spokane for Thanksgiving that she FORGOT to come... one disappointed 6 year old!  So, we packed the tooth pillow, left the fairy a note saying that we'd be at Aunt Shelleys for the holiday and to please visit us there... you see the Tooth Fairy is like Santa Claus, she/he always knows where we will be, it just that sometimes she/he gets confused on date and times and when we will be here or there .... or falls asleep... you know how it goes.

The other day, she lost yet another tooth, the bottom one this time.  We let it soak in salt water for the day, forgot to put it in the tooth pillow, so you know the Tooth Fairy couldn't find it that night... so the next night we were sure to put the tooth in the pillow where it belongs so the Tooth Fairy could find it this time.  NOPE she didn't come... what a bummer I said, that darn Tooth Fairy must not be able to fly in the wind... and it did snow so it was probably too cold for her.  We'll try it again tonight Kendyl, I assured her the fairy would come.  She in return told me that the Tooth Fairy must think she is too old, and has forgotten about her... tears rolling down her little face, such disappointment... do I tell her about the Tooth Fairy, do I tell her that she really isn't real, do I really want to ruin her day... she's only lost 4 teeth, it's too soon... We check the pillow once more to make sure the tooth is accessible to the fairy and hang it back on the hook by the window and wait all day and all night...

This morning she remembered to check her pillow... a $2 bill was waiting for her... the Tooth Fairy didn't forget, the Tooth Fairy does remember her and doesn't think she it too old ... all is right in the world of KENDYL today... although she wonders how such a tiny fairy can carry such a big bill, and why if a $2 bill is so special that only Tooth Fairy's carry them, then why did I give her one months ago from my wallet (We are talking months and months ago)!  I had no answer time to brush those teeth and get ready for school... dilemma diverted for now.

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