Friday, January 7, 2011

First & Second Accidents of the Year

It only took {one} week into the new year....

First Mark hit his head pretty hard at work, OUCH!  That laid him out for about 3 days, I think he had a minor concussion, but of course he refused any kind of doctor appointments... so Tylenol and rest in the dark basement seemed to help.  Thankfully he is better and back to work... all is good in the life of MARK now.

Second, I got a call from the daycare on Wednesday afternoon, Aspyn had managed to stick her finger into a kaleidoscope, and yes, get it stuck.  I picked her up and brought her home, so Mark could help me break the thing off of her finger... well China uses pliable plastic on all the cheap toys they produce, so no such luck in shattering the plastic.  He ended up popping the lens off the end of the kaleidoscope, and I had to cut slits into the body of the thing, use nail clippers to snip away at the rest of it and finally relieve the poor thumb from the kaleidoscope... it took about and hour and a half to get it off... Poor Aspyn!  She was a trooper and was fine about 10 seconds after all was said and done... but I couldn't resist taking a picture of  the sad, sad face of our 3 year old...

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