Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our Crazy Busy Summer

It's been awhile since I've posted an update!  We've had a busy summer!  We've been to (and been in) 2 weddings, celebrated the 4th of July, helped celebrate Claire's 1st birthday, met Beckam for the first time, hung out with family from Wisconsin, celebrated Gram's 80th Birthday and Grandpa Hughes 80th Birthday,  had a couple of road trips to Portland/Spokane, aquired temporary room-mates (my parents) went to the Oregon Coast, started Soccer and a new school year... and a bunch of other stuff in between!!  Here are a few pictures with more to come soon!  Fall (my favorite time of year) brings more soccer, more school, pumpkin patches and all the great things a new seasons brings!

 Celebrating summer with the neighborhood kids.
 At Gram's 80th Birthday Party!
 Neil & Steph's wedding with Whitney, Chelsea & Beckam!!
 End of summer sleepover/pool party!
 Meeting Beckam!

Prettiest Flower Girls I know!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Prince and Me Ball

Mark and Kendyl are at the Prince and Me Ball tonight, I've gotten one phone call, and Kendyl is having so much fun she can hardly stand herself.  She has been looking forward to this for a month.  They "double-dated" with some good friends of ours, John and Taytum Monahan.  I did snap a shot before they left, and can't wait to see more pictures when they get home!

Road Trips

The beginning of may brought Road Trips two weekends in a row!  We attended a wedding in Bend and also Cohen's 2nd birthday!  Cohen's birthday came first (I loaded pictures out of order)  We made a day trip with my Gram and the girls... we attended the party, hung out with family for a short while, stopped in the Dalles to eat at Cousins and if you've never been, when you open the front door, it moos, oinks, whiney's, or makes some other kind of farm animal noise, Gram LOVES it, the girls love it too... okay and secretly it makes me giggle, and yes I catch myself opening the door more than once :)  The following weekend we went to Bend for the weekend and stayed at Eagle Crest...the girls as you can see loved to swim, and it was warm enough, for them, not me, to swim outside!


Easter 2011

Morning Egg Hunt

Pre-School Egg Hunt

Patiently waiting for the Flashlight Egg hunt

Coloring Eggs (Update: Aspyn didn't eat them this year)

Of course more dye on the hands than the eggs.

Looking for more eggs at Grams

A 'tradition' at Grams, we have played whiffle ball in the yard for as long as I can remember, now my kids get to do the same thing in the same exact yard, so neat!  Except there were 14 of us when I was small (enough for 2-teams)... and only 3 of the great grandkids were here on Easter.

End of Track Season

 When she finds a hill . . . (above) she always has to roll or slide down it (below)! 
We were happy to see track come and go this year.  While we LOVE to watch Kendyl in all of her events, and while Kendyl loves to run track... the darn weather would not cooperate!  But we are very proud of her for doing so well in all her events... she ran a lot of long races this year, which was different from the last season, but it was good for her!  Here are some pictures!  And a few of what Aspyn does during said Track meets.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Indoor Soccer 2011

Aspyn has started Spring Indoor Soccer.  And how cute it is to see a gym full of 3 year olds play!  She really is good, she has watched Kendyl play soccer for the past few years, and can dribble the ball pretty well.  She was very excited to have her own uniform, and to wear shin guards. 

Hermiston Hurricanes 2011

Spring sports are upon us!  Kendyl started track this past week and had her first meet of the season on Thursday.  She really enjoys track.  She likes to run the 100 and 400m dash, the 400m relay, and the various field events.  We tried the shot put, I don't think she realized how heavy the ball is, we'll be trying other field events as the season progresses!

Marks Birthday

March also brought Mark's 33rd Birthday!  Shelley, Dave and Neil made the trip down from Washington to help him celebrate.  While the boys enjoyed a day of golf, us ladies enjoyed a morning of yard sales and lunch.  I am quickly learning that the girls are only good for a few yard sales, then they get hungry, tired, bored and whiney!!!  All in all it was a great day.  Our favorite babysitter came to stay with the kids while the adults went out to Plymouth Tavern for a prime rib dinner.  Mark and I love to go there, it's small the food is good and they make the best red beer mix!!  Sorry to report, no PICTURES!!   The girls decided on his 'actual' birthday they wanted to take their daddy out to dinner at Denny's, so we did and it was good.... we came home and had some mini cupcake treats from Starbucks to finish out the night!

Spring Break

It's been a busy past few months, looks like the last time I posted anything was in February, where did March go?  I know it was here it just flew by too quickly.  Spring break was fun, we started the week out by taking a road trip to Montana to see MeMe & Papa.  My sister, Nichole, and I took our 4-kids alone in the Suburban.... packed full to the brim with luggage, toys, snacks, 3 DVD players, 2 IPods, a Leapster and a DS, not to mention books, coloring books, match box cars and anything and everything it takes to keep a 7 year old, a 3 year old, a 22 month old, and an 8month old busy for the 7+ hour road trip.  Happy to report they all did wonderful, we made it there and back safe and sound.  We were able to go swimming and hang out with MeMe & Papa for a few days!

 Teaching Cohen about the wishing fountain!
 Sweet Baby Claire!
 Cohen & Aspyn, bathtime fun!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Basketball Game

Mark and Kendyl had their first basketball game on Saturday.  I mentioned before that Mark is coaching Kendyl's first grade team.  I give him lots of credit, it's hard to coach 1st graders, they get it, yet they don't.  As long as they are having fun, it's worth it!  Kendyl is really good for her age, she is tall, aggressive and understands the game, she is great at both offense and defense!  And she has a love for the game!  So we are very excited to watch her grow into a fantastic ball player!

Skate Night

Last night was 'Skate Night' for Kendyl's school.  They have one each month, but it seems we have been busy most months.  I am really glad we decided to go, the girls had a blast.  It's always fun watching Kendyl interact with her school mates.  Aspyn got to 'tag' along, I am soaking up these days when it is still 'cool' to have your little sister come along.  All of Kendyl's friends adore her and they are really respectful and watch out for her.  Kendyl has skated a few times before, she is still trying to find her rhythm.  It was Aspyns first time ever on skates, the wheels were pretty tight and didn't allow her to roll very fast, but she quickly caught on and followed the big kids around for 2 hours!  Tons of Fun... we will definitely do it again.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

On Our Way To School

I came across a blog post from a friend of mine, detailing the sweetness of her little boy one morning while dropping him off for school, it MELTED my heart. 

So, this week I decided I too was going to look for these little things called LOVE.  On a typical morning it can be very stressful at our house, 2 girls getting ready for school, one of which is NOT a morning person {Kendyl}, and the other {Aspyn} is 3, well...she's 3 that explains that.  It can be quite challenging.  We also take our neighbor Eliza with us on most mornings, she too is not a "morning" person.  I decide on this particular day that I am going to look for those little sweet nothings while dropping the girls off at daycare/school.

First stop Aspyn, I walk her into her pre-school class, she hides up the back of my shirt, with peanut butter still on her face from the morning waffle sandwich she ate in the car... I now have peanut butter smeared across the back of my pants, my shirt tail is stretched out, not a big deal... I smile say my goodbye's get a hug and a kiss and she's off.

Second stop Kendyl & Eliza, who are arguing about who is going to get out of the car first, we discuss that there are 4 doors on our car, and if they are smart enough each could use a back door and get out at the same time.... they think about it, we round the corner to the first crosswalk, they want out, I say it's too foggy and we're running a little late, they don't have time to walk across the street, down the road and make it to class on time, I'll drop them in the parking lot, it's faster.  As we approach the parking lot, they have their seat belts off, backpacks on and are sitting at their respective doors, but of course before they get out I say my goodbye's tell them to have a super-de-dooper day, remind Kendyl to ride the bus, be good, listen, learn something new and make a new friend.  {Everyday they get this speech}

Then it comes, Eliza toots, leaving me with her stink, she thinks this is the funniest thing in the WORLD!  I laugh, telling her to have a good day and that one of these days I will get her back... then Kendyl and her both say, "Have a Stinky Day, Stinky Doo"!

Really?  No blown kisses, no looking back, they are on there way to class, and I can only hope they know, all three of them, how much they are loved... even though I get stinky toots instead of blown kisses!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coupon Update

Just an update on the coupon clipping... I've clipped and saved lots of coupons.  Yet haven't been grocery shopping since before I attended the coupon class...

Reason #1:   I seceretly hate grocery shopping!
Reason #2:   We are broke!
Reason #3:   I need to organize said coupons and make a list!

Those and the lack of motivation.  No one is starving in our house, and if we have to eat chicken tenders, eggo waffles, and eggs for dinner every night, then so be it!

On a good note, we are in pretty good position to having our tax stuff together, 1099's done (all 2 of them) a day ahead of the deadline.  Keeping my fingers crossed for a refund this year! 

Kendyl started basketball, Mark is coaching... one practice down, 6 more weeks to go!  I think this will be a great bonding experience for the both of them.

Aspyn starts gymnastics a week from Monday.  She is very excited.  Although I think she wants to be a tap dancer, she dances around in tap shoes and Kendyl's old dance outfits daily!

I am attending an insurance meeting mid-February in Portland.  It's usually full of information of no interest to anyone, unless you are into Health Insurance Premiums and Property Liability Insurance for cities in Oregon.  But they do serve delicious food!

Mark is keeping busy, hoping to button up his current job and move onto another, and of course coaching Kendyl's basketball team!

Happy February!!